Well said, Rebecca.

I just read this on one of my favorite blogs ever… Girls Gone Child.  Thought it was very well put –

Re: motherhood

To the keepers of the band-aids with trains in purse pockets. To the bedtime story-tellers, shirt menders, coat checks. To the dawn-patrol chefs and the bad-day fixers and the peacemakers in the play room. To the hand-holders and the owwie kissers and the stained-dress wearers and those who wake first and sleep last. To the toy car fixers and the hosts of tea-parties and nights of stargazing in the yard. To the wait-up-all-nighters and try-not-to-worriers and the nurturers of passions all – to the time tellers, memory collectors, masters of tucking in bed-sheets.
To the music-makers with bottle shakers and the fight-for-what-is-righters and those who watch for fingers before they close car doors. For the lunch packers and the show-and-tell reminders and the tear-wipers who open their beds to tiny folks with monsters in their dreams.
To the book-readers and the homework helpers and the lovers of freckles behind knees. To the back-scratchers, rule-makers-sometimes-breakers and those whose laps have no vacancies…

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Must watch child more carefully.

So yesterday I’m doing dishes, Ava & Sammy are napping, and Jayden is wandering around, playing with anything and everything.  I’m lost in my thoughts and all of a sudden from behind me I hear Jayden say with a proud voice “mama, Jayden bi-boy!!” (translation: big boy!).  I turn around and he’s climbed up onto the table and is standing in the middle. 

I got him down, and explained that what he did was dangerous, and that he was never to do that again, especially when Mama or Daddy wasn’t there.  He sure was proud of himself though!

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I’m feeding Jayden an early lunch – leftover chicken and green beans.

Jayden – “mama?  more grrrrean beans?”

Me – “What do you say?”

Jayden – “mama peees more grean beans?”

That’s my boy.

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And it begins…

Yesterday we decided to put Jayden down for a nap in our room.  His sisters were napping in the kids’ room, and we didn’t want to risk waking them up.  We set up the playpen and put him down for a nap.  He wasn’t impressed with being stuck in bed (he normally sleeps in his toddler bed, and can get up and play when he wants), but we heard nothing but silence from the living room.  After a few minutes of nothing, I decided to go check on him.  I opened the door and found him standing up facing our dresser, where we keep our reciever and PS3.  I told him to go to sleep and closed the door. 

Last night I put the kids down (Joel was working) at 8pm and settled in bed, ready to watch a few episodes of Friends.  The PS3 was  making a strange high pitched noise, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it.  I went over to restart it, and on a whim, also hit the eject button.  Out popped the Friends disc, and on top of it, a candy wrapper from a White Spot mint that I had left on the dresser.  Oops.

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Hovering around “howler monkey”

This is what Sammy has been doing a lot of lately.  Shrieking.  OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  Looks like she got a perfect amount of Mama’s dramatic side and some of Daddy’s rambling tendancies as well.  And notice at the end, just a hint of “GET THAT DAMN THING OUT OF MY FACE WOMAN!!!”

I don’t know how to change the format of the video so I can share it here, therefore I’m linking to youtube.


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“Mama! Come in da fort!!!”

Jayden has become enamoured with our dining room table and chairs.  He has decided that underneath it is his “fort”.  This is the first time he’s really gotten the whole “fort” concept, so it was pretty exciting for us.  It’s also made me realize that I need to mop my floors more often.  He’s always tugging at me, wanting me to play with him, asking me to “come in da fort Mama!”  I try my best, but sometimes grumble, because I’m tired, lazy, etc.  I need to remember to be happy that he wants me to play with him, that I’m his favourite person, that he wants to share this with me.  He brings me over, and we sit under the table, and he then calls out to everyone else to “come in da fort!”  First Daddy, then Ava, then Sammy, then Lola.  Sometimes even his favourite Tigger.  He points to the underside of the table and talks about the clouds in the sky, and shows me where he stuck a few coins in the corner, where the leg meets the tabletop, his “monies are stuck”.  When Daddy joins us he loves to play “BOOOO!” by covering his eyes and then uncovering them and shouting “BOOOOO!” at the top of his lungs.  Then Daddy has to do the same.  He’s turned into such a cute little boy.  His vocabulary is increasing like crazy, and he’s helping with everything.  He gets upset if he’s left out.  Definitely not a baby anymore.

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At a loss for words.

I’m honestly not sure what to say.  I read several “mommy-blogs” religiously, and was always struck with how wonderful it would be for the bloggers’ children later in life.  They have a full manuscript of the ups and downs, complete with pictures and videos.  Call it scrapbooking for the 21st century.  I have 3 beautiful children.  Jayden is now 2, and my fraternal twin girls Ava & Samantha (Sammy) are 8 months.  They have given me so much by making me laugh every day, and reminding me to take pleasure in the little things.  This is for them.

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