“Mama! Come in da fort!!!”

January 9, 2010 Linda

Jayden has become enamoured with our dining room table and chairs.  He has decided that underneath it is his “fort”.  This is the first time he’s really gotten the whole “fort” concept, so it was pretty exciting for us.  It’s also made me realize that I need to mop my floors more often.  He’s always tugging at me, wanting me to play with him, asking me to “come in da fort Mama!”  I try my best, but sometimes grumble, because I’m tired, lazy, etc.  I need to remember to be happy that he wants me to play with him, that I’m his favourite person, that he wants to share this with me.  He brings me over, and we sit under the table, and he then calls out to everyone else to “come in da fort!”  First Daddy, then Ava, then Sammy, then Lola.  Sometimes even his favourite Tigger.  He points to the underside of the table and talks about the clouds in the sky, and shows me where he stuck a few coins in the corner, where the leg meets the tabletop, his “monies are stuck”.  When Daddy joins us he loves to play “BOOOO!” by covering his eyes and then uncovering them and shouting “BOOOOO!” at the top of his lungs.  Then Daddy has to do the same.  He’s turned into such a cute little boy.  His vocabulary is increasing like crazy, and he’s helping with everything.  He gets upset if he’s left out.  Definitely not a baby anymore.


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