And it begins…

January 9, 2010 Linda

Yesterday we decided to put Jayden down for a nap in our room.  His sisters were napping in the kids’ room, and we didn’t want to risk waking them up.  We set up the playpen and put him down for a nap.  He wasn’t impressed with being stuck in bed (he normally sleeps in his toddler bed, and can get up and play when he wants), but we heard nothing but silence from the living room.  After a few minutes of nothing, I decided to go check on him.  I opened the door and found him standing up facing our dresser, where we keep our reciever and PS3.  I told him to go to sleep and closed the door. 

Last night I put the kids down (Joel was working) at 8pm and settled in bed, ready to watch a few episodes of Friends.  The PS3 was  making a strange high pitched noise, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it.  I went over to restart it, and on a whim, also hit the eject button.  Out popped the Friends disc, and on top of it, a candy wrapper from a White Spot mint that I had left on the dresser.  Oops.


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